CyberGuru presenting at the Seniors Safety Forum

CyberGuru presenting at the Seniors Safety Forum

CyberGuru presenting at the Seniors Safety Forum

Calling all seniors! Chris Jeffery of CyberGuru has been invited to speak at the Seniors Safety Forum at Sandgate on Friday 17 August at 1:00pm.

As this is the first year he will have access to a projector, Chris will be able to show examples of spam and phishing emails and demonstrate what to look for when determining if an email is legitimate.

The forum is hosted by Stirling Hinchliffe MP, Member for Sandgate and Cr Jared Cassidy, Councillor for Deagon Ward as part of National Seniors Week.

Seniors Safety Forum 2018 Flyer

For more information and to register please visit the Queensland Seniors Week website or call 07 3639 9100 (Stirling Hinchcliffe MP) or 07 3667 6011 (Cr Jared Cassidy).

Looking forward to seeing you there!

CyberGuru exhibits at 2018 Queensland Schools VET Conference

2018 Qld Schools VET Conference
Jessie Jeffery (CyberGuru), Adrian Tofilau (VeriDoc Global) and Chris Jeffery (CyberGuru)

CyberGuru successfully exhibited at the 2018 Queensland Schools VET Conference on Friday 10 August 2018. We met many wonderful teachers looking for solutions in the Information, Digital Media and Technology space.

CyberGuru is proud to support teachers by providing training courses and developing learning materials, delivering professional development and undertaking industry currency. We stand by our products as we write them ourselves, and in doing so aim to fill some of the skills gaps we commonly see in local businesses.

Congratulations to Adrian Tofilau of VeriDoc Global who won our Business Card Draw.

2018 Qld Schools VET Conference
Jessie Jeffery (CyberGuru), Adrian Tofilau (VeriDoc Global) and Chris Jeffery (CyberGuru)

For more information on the Education and Training services we offer, including professional development, training courses, learning resources and industry currency, please visit our website.

We are currently offering all schools a free 30 minute consultation to discuss how we can help them. Please contact us to take advantage of this offer.

CyberGuru sponsoring 2018 Queensland Schools VET Conference

CyberGuru sponsoring 2018 Queensland Schools VET Conference

CyberGuru sponsoring 2018 Qld Schools VET Conference

CyberGuru is proud to be an again a sponsor at the 2018 Queensland Schools VET Conference being held at Hilton Brisbane on 10 August 2018.

For many years, CyberGuru has been providing education and training services to Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) and schools, both public and private. These services focussed on developing teachers’ knowledge in the Information, Digital Media and Technology qualifications in Certificate I, III and III through CyberGuru’s professional development, training courses, learning resources and industry currency.

From next year in Queensland, an individual student’s Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) score may be improved by their completion of a Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualification, such as a Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology. Whilst the introduction of the Digital Solutions syllabus may be relevant to some schools and students, the practical nature of VET qualification such as the Information, Digital Media and Technology provides students with on-the-job skills and prepare them for their future careers.

We participated at last year’s Qld Schools VET Conference and over the last twelve months have seen the growth of uptake and interest in the Certificates in Information, Digital Media and Technology.

If you are a teacher, principal or RTO manager, who is looking to provide your students with a career opportunity in Information, Communications and Technology, please contact us for a complementary consultation and review of your training requirements.

For more details on the 2018 Queensland Schools VET Conference, please visit the VELG Training page.

Celebrating our 21st birthday!

Celebrating our 21st birthday!

Celebrating our 21st birthday!

In July, CyberGuru celebrates a significant milestone. We have been proudly providing our clients with computer solutions for 21 years. We appreciate the continued business and support of our clients, family and friends. We have some been with us throughout this time – believe it or not, of our earliest clients are still with us!

Since our earliest beginnings, we have seen the Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) sector develop and evolve over time. We are one year older than Google, and near seven years’ Facebook senior. When we began back in 1997, technology generally consisted of one shared computer per household at the time, and we look how now expanded to at least one computer per person – with many households having more computers than people!

Over this time, we have continued to expand our knowledge and skills with a range of platforms, devices and services, develop relationships with many trusted colleagues and business partners, and proudly support small businesses, not-for-profit organisations and individuals with their ICT needs.

Who knows what the next 21 years will bring, however we know one thing – that it will continue to change. As celebrating with you over this year, we are gearing to further educating, empowering and enabling our clients to embrace and adopt these changes. We look forward look forward to continuing to support our clients into the future for a long-time yet!

Who’s reading your email?

Who’s reading your email?

Google Gmail

Recently in the news there has been concern over whether Google is doing enough to keep your email secure. Concern has arisen over the access third-party developers and apps have to your Google account. There are many apps which link to your Google account. During the installation process you set the level of access you’re prepared to give the app. If during the installation of any of these apps you’ve been asked for access to your email, and you’ve agreed to this your email may have been read.

So what does it mean to read an email? In giving an app access to your email it is highly unlikely that people envisage another human physically reading through the contents of their emails and viewing their private email conversations. But this is exactly what you are agreeing to. This is not to say all apps will do so, but they have permission to and may do so at some point. The people with permission to read your email are not Google employees, but third parties such as developers entrusted by Google (and yourself).

Google claims to vet developers and their apps via a stringent, multi-step process. But as Facebook can attest to, once a third party has access to your data it’s difficult to control how they use it. This is not the first time concerns have been raised over Google’s commitment to privacy, with the discovery last year that the Google Home Mini was inadvertently spying on users due to a hardware flaw.

As a safety precaution we advise against giving third-party apps permission to read your email. If you’re concerned you may have given a third-party app access to read your email, you can check using Google Security Checkup (link opens in new window) and make adjustments if necessary.

If CyberGuru can assist in any way, please let us know.