Microsoft Office 2016

Did you know that as part of your Office 365 subscription, you get updates and new versions as they are released? It’s one of the benefits of having Office 365.

If you have an active Microsoft Office 365 subscription and are running Office 2013, this will be automatically upgraded to Office 2016 in the coming weeks. There are some small but significant time saving changes, such as Outlook automatically suggesting attachments based upon recent open or saved documents, as we have discussed in a recent CyberGuru Blog article.

How will you know if you are ready to upgrade to Office 2016? When you open Microsoft Outlook, you’ll be presented with a yellow bar underneath the ribbon, allowing you to click a button to see what’s new in the new version and also to commence to updating Office straight away. The yellow bar can also be closed to save space if required.

The automatic upgrade can be turned off, however it is recommended that you upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible. Microsoft has advised updates for the Office 2013 version of Office 365 ProPlus will be available until February 2017. However, after February 2017, there will be no additional updates for the Office 2013 version.

Prior to updating, it is recommended you ensure any add-ins or third-party programs which rely on Office, such as your email synchronisation with third-party email servers, client relationship management and financial management software.

It isn’t just the new major updates when changes are introduced, Microsoft are adding new features on a near-monthly basis. You can find out what’s changed recently in Office 2016 for Office 365 by visiting What’s New and Improved in Office 2016 for Office 365 page.

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