What’s worse than no password? A default or generic password on your modem/router. Many manufacturers and internet service providers set up modem/routers with administrative access passwords with default usernames and passwords. These are not very safe when modem/routers by that manufacturers and internet service provider often use the same details!

Whilst this makes the ability for configuring modem/router simple, it can also result in users who have access to your network to be able to perform changes on the modem/router if they know the correct details. With those details, they can see and change important details, effectively blocking you from access to your own modem/router, and could even possibly change your wireless’ password!

The modem/router’s password is different to your SSID (wireless access point) password. This password should too be changed on a regular basis.

It is strongly suggested that you access your modem/router and confirm and change your password if it is the same:

  1. Find (or download) your user guide or manual for your modem/router.
  2. Using the manual, check to see whether you have changed your password by entering the provided details (often “admin” is the username and “password” is the password.
  3. If you haven’t, change the password to something unique (like any other password).
  4. If it possible to do so, you may wish to change your username also.
  5. Document the password in a safe and secure place until it is required.

If you require any assistance in doing this changing your modem/router’s default password, why not enlist our Support solution by contacting us today!