Office 365

There is limited time remaining to move your Microsoft Office 365 data from Singapore to Australia. The deadline for this is 31 October – seven days away! Please read the following information and decide if this is right for you.

When Office 365 was originally sold in Australia, there were no data centres available to host the data. Although most users were unaffected by this, some have been concerned regarding data sovereignty, in that they wanted their data stored in Australia due to its sensitive nature. Since then, Microsoft has built data centres around the world including Australia, with a view that future customers would have their data hosted locally.

Initially, Microsoft intended to migrate all existing Australian customers to Australian data centres. However, Microsoft has announced this needs to be requested by 31 October or your data will remain hosted in Singapore.

So should you migrate your data? Microsoft recommends that you take no action, unless your organisation needs core customer data to be stored at rest in Australia. By choosing to move your data, you will limit Microsoft’s possibilities to optimize your service and location of core customer data at rest in either your current location or Australia.

For further information, please review the TechNet move site and Data residency option sheet. Due to the short turnaround time of this offer, if you would like to migrate your data across then please contact us by no later than next Friday 28 October 2016. If you do not take any action, your data will remain hosted in Singapore.