Windows 11

With Windows 11 being released on 5 October, you may be considering whether to upgrade. Here we discuss the main factors to take into consideration before upgrading.

The good

Windows 11 is all about improving productivity. It includes a revamped interface and provides some new features including the ability to search through apps and files more quickly, and a feature to group and organise windows.

Additionally, the revamped Windows Store will allow you run Android apps among others. This means programs that previously were only accessible on mobile phones and tablets can now be run on a Windows computer.


The bad

Lovers of Internet Explorer, Skype, 3D Viewer, Cortana, Paint 3D and OneNote for Windows will be sorry to see these apps go, but we suspect not too many people will be missing these.


The unexpected

Windows 11 comes with some major security upgrades. We are very excited about these changes, but there is a catch. In order to access these upgrades, Microsoft will require all devices to have Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 supported and enabled. TPM 2.0 was released in 2019, so any devices more than two to three years old will be unable to run Windows 11.


In conclusion

Given the number of changes in the upgrade, we suggest holding off on the Windows 11 upgrade for the immediate future until there has been at least one update of Windows 11. You will also need to confirm that your devices and existing third-party software are compatible with Windows 11 before proceeding with the upgrade.

You can identify whether your device is compatible with Windows 11 by downloading the Windows PC Health Check app (link opens in new window). Unfortunately, older devices will have to survive on Windows 10. However Windows 10 will continue to be supported by Microsoft until 14 October 2025, so users still have a few years before they need to upgrade. There is also the possibility of a firmware upgrade to enable older devices to run Windows 11: please check your manufacturer’s support website for details on this.

If you would like to discuss moving to Windows 11, or would like assistance in making the transition, please feel free to contact us for a consultation.