Privacy Awareness Week 2022

CyberGuru takes privacy seriously and is a proud supporter of Privacy Awareness Week, an annual event to promote and raise awareness of the importance of protecting personal information.

Privacy Awareness Week is an annual campaign led in Australia by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) that highlights the importance of protecting personal information. This year runs from 2 to 8 May and is led by the in partnership with state and territory privacy regulators and Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities members.

This year Privacy Awareness Week is about the simple foundations we can put in place to protect our personal information, like making sure we trust who we share our information with.

Here at CyberGuru, we take privacy seriously. We challenge you and your organisation to check how well your privacy practices stack up. We believe that meeting our legal obligations and community expectations around privacy will help build trust and the community is more likely to trust organisations when we demonstrate good privacy practices and show that they handle their personal information with integrity and care.

CyberGuru is proud again to be a supporter of Privacy Awareness Week. Find out how we collect, handle and protect personal information in our privacy policy.

Visit the Privacy Awareness Week website to find out more on the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC)’s website (links opens in new window).