Did Santa buy you a new computer for Christmas? Are you trying to work out what to do with your old one? Did you know that much of the materials in a computer can be recycled? From the metals, plastics and glass used up to 95% can be recovered according to the Brisbane City Council. Unfortunately though, they cannot be placed in traditional weekly bin collection but rather need to go to the yearly kerbside collection or off to a transfer location.

Rather than throwing out your computer altogether, CyberGuru can perform a reinstallation to make the computer suitable as spare computer or used for another purpose (such as for backup storage). CyberGuru also can assist with extracting the parts for reusing in another computers in your home or office (such as the memory). We are also also donate working parts and accessories such as monitors, keyboards and mice to charities and other organisations requiring these.

If you do decide to give or throw away your old computer, CyberGuru strongly recommends that before a computer is disposed of that any important information is securely deleted from the hard drive, or that the hard drive is removed and kept by the client.

Whilst the yearly kerbside collections can be suitable (if your timing is right), for clients who are based in Brisbane, the Brisbane City council offer you to drop your “e-waste” off at a Brisbane City Council transfer location at no cost. If you are not within the Brisbane City Council jurisdiction, you can visit the Dropzone website (link opens in new window) for other locations.

If more advice on how to recycle your computer equipment, list our Support solution and please contact us.

Image of Tandy/Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer by Bilby – Wikipedia.com.