blog-shouldigetawebsiteWhen we meet discuss to our solutions with prospective clients, we often get asked the question, “Should I get a website?”. In terms of answering this, it is important to consider and understand a number of points before going ahead with a website. We believe these points are also important to those who already have a website to increase the visitors and therefore, more business.

  • Know what the purpose of your website is. This is important to determine before going ahead. For example, if you are product or services-based business, it may be to advertise your business’ products or services or for a not-for-profit organisation it might be to stimulate awareness of your projects or campaigns.
  • A website needs to be promoted. Many businesses don’t advertise that they have a website! To get your website “out there” and visited, it involves sharing its address with others, through business cards, publications and other material. For instance, CyberGuru has a range of promotional material, all of which includes our website address. We often tell people about our website and what they can find on there (eg. to be able to subscribe to our CyberGuru Newsletter). Speaking of which, are you subscribed to our newsletter?
  • A website must be kept updated. In order for people to find your website on Google or other search engines it needs to be regularly updated. It doesn’t have to be complicated, you could simply update your blog with the latest news or even simple tips and advice. In our mind, it is not worth investing in a website unless you are willing to maintain it or employ someone to do so on a regular basis.

If CyberGuru can be of any assistance in designing, developing or maintaining your website through our Design solution, please feel free to contact us.