blog-springcleanyourcomputerThe season of Spring is often said to be a great time to tidy your house and prepare way for Summer, so why not also make it the time to clean up your computer! Not only can you help your computer run more efficiently, you can be proactive in ensuring your computer’s lifespan can be extended.


Here are some of the tasks we suggest to help with your spring cleaning efforts:

  1. Perform a backup of your the files on your computer (of course, if you have been following our blog article recently, you’ve done this already, haven’t you?).
  2. Run Disk Cleanup to remove unnecessary temporary files and save valuable space on your computer’s hard disk.
  3. Run Disk Defragmenter to help optimise the space you have cleared in Disk Cleanup by rearranging your files to make to make your computer run faster.
  4. Run Windows Update and to ensure you have all installed the updates available for Windows, but also check for any necessary updates for  Office and other applications that are installed on your computer (such as Adobe Reader and Java).
  5. Run Microsoft System Configuration (MSConfig) or review the items in the Startup tab of Task Manager in Windows 8 to disable programs not required to be running when Windows start up. Be careful though disabling programs that don’t know about. They could be there for a particular reason!
  6. Use Add/Remove Programs to remove programs that you’ve installed and no longer require. Again, be careful uninstalling programs you haven’t installed yourself.

By regularly performing these tasks, you can ensure your computer is running effectively. If we can be of any assistance, please contact us to enlist the help of our Support computer solution.