Whilst the importance of process of performing the necessary critical and important updates required for Windows and Office is often discussed, it is often less mentioned the need to do this for your other programs installed on your computer.

Some computer users may falsely believe they have secure environment as they keep their Windows and Office updates, perform routine virus scans and run regular backups, however to maintain your computer’s integrity and security purposes, you also need to apply them for your other programs also.

Updates become available for third-party programs including Adobe Reader, Apple’s iTunes and QuickTime as well as Java Runtime Environment on a regular basis, which can enhance the program’s performance as well as improve your computer’s security.

These updates are usually not as intrusive as Windows updates when are restart is required. The way to check for updates for these programs can vary, however by checking the Windows notification area (located near the clock) if you have set them to download and install automatically.

Alternatively, you might find that an update is waiting for you to install you may also find an update waiting when you next start the program. Generally another way to confirm open the program, click Help menu and select the “Check for updates” item.

By checking for updates as part of your maintenance routine, or setting them to download and install automatically, you can be assured your computer is secure and well protected.

If you need a hand doing setting up the automatic updates feature or applying the updates yourself, or require a hand in doing so, please contact us for our Support solution.