Increase your cyber security

Over the course of COVID-19, we are seeing many people and organisations increasing their use of technology particularly for remote working and collaboration. Over the coming articles, we will share important considerations when securing your ICT environment by enabling the various functionality in order to remain secure and protected.

The next part of this series is Microsoft Secure Score. Secure Score is representation of your organisation’s security posture, and your opportunity to improve it.

It analyses the protection state of your identities, data, devices, apps, and infrastructure. The current score is a percentage and compares your organisations to similar in size in industry. The higher the score the better and improving this score requires particular actions taken to improve the security of the Microsoft 365 environment.

When Microsoft 365 was first implemented in your business, it is likely much of this functionality was not available, having been progressively introduced over time into Microsoft 365. As a result, we strongly recommend you review this feature and take action on the finding.

If you haven’t looked at your Secure Score, you can find this at There are certain improvements there that should be implemented as a priority, such as enabling security defaults, multi-factor authentication among others.

CyberGuru can assist with implementing the recommended Secure Score improvement actions and other security measures in your organisation.

In addition, we provide consultingsupport and training in the use of these as well as best practices to ensure you and your organisation can full advantage of technology.

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