Looking for gifts to fill those Christmas stockings up?

With various travel restrictions currently in place around the world, Santa needs a little help this Christmas. CyberGuru and their team of elves are able to deliver a wide range of hardware, software and services to your organisation or home.

We can advise on the sourcing, purchasing, and setting up of your new hardware. We can help you understand what would suit your needs, identify which model to purchase and arrange the setup and configuration, transfer files and settings between old and new desktop and laptop computers saving you time and energy.

We also provide various software including Microsoft Office, ESET Internet and EndPoint Security as well as range of peripherals including portable hard drives and Acronis Backup, so that you can secure and protect your information.

If you are unsure what to get or you know someone else who may need a hand, we can also provide gift certificates for use on any of our services, including consultingdesignsupport and training. Training on new computers is useful and set yourself up in the new year to a great start for your efficiency and productivity!