blog-importanceofbackingupCyberGuru has recently been contacted by several new clients regarding difficulties with their computers. Before we undertook any work, we asked whether they had a recent backup. Unfortunately, many didn’t have backups, let alone a process in place for regular backup, which meant that their data would potentially be lost if their computer’s hard disk drive failed!


We recommend that a backup is performed on a regular basis, how often depending on how often your computer is being used however for most weekly is sufficient.

Like many routine chores, the difficulty is actually getting around to doing it, so we suggest a suitable solution that will enable you have peace of mind and not to actually don’t want to think about it!

In order to backup your computer, we suggest the following:

  • Purchase a suitable external hard disk drive, for example, a Western Digital 2GB external hard disk drive can be bought for about $100 from a local computer store.
  • Configure Windows to perform automatic backups on a regular basis (such as a Saturday afternoon or at a period when the computer is not used).
  • Include all of the folder you would consider important (such as personal documents and family photos). It is also worthwhile confirming to make sure you save files in the correct locations which will be backed up.
  • Once the backup has been performed, confirm it was successfully completed by checking in the Action Centre or the computer’s system logs.
  • Perform a test backup by restoring a file every so often to ensure the backup is operating correctly.
  • On a half-yearly basis, run a backup on a separate media (such as a second external hard disk drive or on DVD discs).

CyberGuru is able to assist this process by performing the above tasks for you through our Support solution, or we can show you how to do this so you can manage this yourself. Either way, by doing so you can sleep soundly at night by having a good and reliable backup system in place. Why not contact us today to see how we can help you.