Which CPU is best for you?

There are a number of CPUs available in the market today. What processor do you need?

In today’s marketplace there are many types of computers to purchase. When considering a new computer purchase, clients often ask what type central processing unit (CPU) they need.

We recommend for performance on desktops and laptops their Intel Core series of CPUs. They come in m3, i3, i5, and i7 and more recently i9 models. We view the lower end of these (m3 for mobile devices and i3 for desktops and laptops) as low-range processors being for single activity work, the i5 for mid-range, general office-based work, and the i7 and i9 for higher end graphic or CAD intensive work.

There are also the other processor types, Celeron and Pentium however these are often designed for low-end machines often for web browsing only. Similarly, there are ATOM processors (x3, x5 and x7 which Intel suggests for mobility devices, such as tablets and two-in-one devices.

I consider it though an investment in the medium to long-term to generally purchase i5 or i7 computers, as these can often provide a number of years of useful life without the need for upgrades down the track.

Whilst you can choose a low-end processor, they don’t often don’t stand the test of time and require upgrading down the track. We recommend mid- to high-range processors as a worthwhile and cost-effective investment in your computing efficiency.

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