How can I protect my website from being hacked?

How can I protect my website from being hacked?

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Having a website is like having a virtual shop front to your business and provides the ability for your visitors to come and browse you and identify possible products and services they may like to buy. However, like a physical shop front, you should ensure you have security measures in place to protect the information that is stored on your website.

1.      Perform regular backups of your website.

Having a regular backup of your website providing you with the ability to have a copy of your website to restore if required. Whilst website hosting providers will often perform nightly backups, there is often a cost to restore these. We suggest at least taking a backup once a month to ensure you have a copy of it at a point in time to restore to if required.

2.      Remove any users no longer required and change passwords.

Depending on how your website was designed, you may have had a previous designer or developer or staff who have had access to your website to maintain it on your behalf. If these users no longer require access to do this, we suggest you remove or change the level of access to not allow them to make changes. Similarly, change your passwords on a regular basis. Passwords that have not been changed for some time may be likely to be compromised especially if they are simple.

3.      Install updates on a regular basis.

Most of the common website content management systems, including WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, all require regular updates, along with any associated third-party plugins, themes and translations. These improve the features, performance and security of the website.

4.      Disable or remove unnecessary plugins.

You may have plugins for your website that you are not using. If you have upgraded your website in the past, you may have plugins installed that were from your older website, or are no longer in use. If you are not sure if you are using them, you may decide to disable these until you determine that they are not needed. However, if you are certain you are not using them, then you could remove these.

5.      Install a security plugin to report security issues.

There are various security plugins available that can notify you when an administrator logs on to your website, users have been blocked (through incorrect passwords when attempting to login or malicious attacks), when files are modified, and when updates are needed.

6.      Consider a website maintenance service.

You may wish to consider a website maintenance service, such as CyberGuru’s to perform the review and maintenance for you, including backups, updates and test your website on a monthly basis. For further details, please see the Website Mainternance Service page on the CyberGuru website.

If you would like to know more how you can protect your website from being hacked, please contact us today.

Microsoft releases Office 2016

Microsoft releases Office 2016

Microsoft Office 2016

We are about three months short of 2016, but this hasn’t stopped Microsoft from releasing its 2016 edition of its flagship productivity suite, Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office celebrated its 25th birthday this last year, and whilst the products have been available for a standalone for some time, this edition brings the products much closer.

On first look, there is little difference between the Office 2013 and 2016. The ribbon is coloured with the icon colour of the particular product (for instance, blue for Word, green for Excel and orange for PowerPoint) and the text in the user interface has returned to capital letter titled rather than entirely uppercase.

However, there have been improvements under the surface. On all of the products, an addition has been made to the menu bar enable the transition for those using older versions and struggling to find menu items on the ribbon. There is now “Tell me”, which is similar of Clippy (for those who remember earlier versions of Microsoft Office!) whereby the command you are looking to complete can be entered into a text box and the appropriate options will be shown to you.

One of the items promoted heavily by Microsoft are the new sharing features. People who save their documents on SharePoint or OneDrive will have a boost their productivity when they collaborate their editing with others. You can open shared documents and see each other are in the document and their changes as they happen. It has to be seen to be believed, but for teams that are working from multiple locations, it can be a real time saver. We are looking forward to collaborating and sharing documents with others in this way!

Another time saver is version history, which can show you the previous saved versions of your documents easily. If you are looking to work out what has changed between saves, you can use this to compare the changes, even midway through a document.

Outlook has also seen a few changes, notably the ability to now see Groups created within Office 365, share documents with recipients in conjunction with SharePoint and OneDrive for Business, as well as Clutter, which helps priorities your email based upon your personal prioritisation.

As the cloud and internet-based workers continues to gain momentum, there is greater integration between OneDrive as well as Skype. We are likely to see this continue as by default all documents will be saved into OneDrive.

Microsoft Office apps are now also available more devices and platforms, including Windows, Apple and Android phones and tablets. Microsoft announced recently that devices under 10.1 inches will be eligible for the free Microsoft Office apps.

If you are a current Office 365 subscriber, then you can upgrade to Office 2016 or wait until the notification appears as an automatic update. If you are looking to do it now, simply log into your Microsoft Office 365 account and follow the prompts to install the update. You don’t need to remove Office 2013 as this will be installed side-by-side with Office 2016 automatically.

CyberGuru is able to provide individuals, small businesses and not-for-profit organisations with assistance in deploying Office 2016 in their organisations by way of consulting, support and training. If we can be of any assistance, please feel free to contact us.